Old-fashioned Easter Eggs


You’ll have to forgive me my lack of culinary imagination lately; all I can say in my defense is that some other priorities have taken over my life.

I did, however, find a little time to do something I haven’t done since I moved out of my parents’ home and that’s dyeing eggs the natural way. I’m not a big holiday person but I do remember this being really fun so I thought I’d remind myself of this particular tradition. This way, once you’re done admiring them, you can peel them and eat them safely.

And, to overcome my laziness, I’ve even included a little tutorial;)


Cook the eggs first until they’re hard boiled. Let them cool.

In a separate pot bring water to boil. Peel the skins ( only the dry ones ) off  4-5 purple onions and add them to the water. Cook for 30 minutes.

Use an old pair of stockings and cut them into 5-inch long pieces. Take one egg and press a little plant of your choice ( shamrock works really well ) against the egg.


Now, pull the piece of the stocking over the egg and tie the ends in a knot.


When you’re done tying all the eggs, soak them in the onion water and let sit for 30-40 minutes. The longer, the better. Obviously, I was impatient.

Drain the eggs and remove the stocking wrap.  Run the eggs under some cold water and pat dry. You can brush them with some oil to add shine.

Happy Easter everyone!


~ by kissmyartichoke on April 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Old-fashioned Easter Eggs”

  1. Wow this is a very cool way to decorate eggs! I wonder if i could use the method on something besides eggs… I love the shamrock imprint!

  2. Beet juice also works nicely to dye the egg shells.
    And as a kid we used white eggs, and made the onion dye out of yellow onion peels. Gave a sepia effect.

  3. You have a lovely site. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep going!

  4. Those are gorgeous!! Much more beutiful than the artificially dyed eggs. Great blog by the way

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