Parlez-vous French Bread?


Well, well,… it was about time I tackled this particular challenge. They don’t say neccessity is the mother of all invention for nothing. I found myself wandering the streets of Zagreb early Sunday afternoon looking for bread and came back home empty handed!

Okay, partly it was my fault because, God forbid I should have a life and sleep a little longer in the morning but ever since a law was passed that all stores be closed on Sundays, scouting for food has become mission impossible!

Seems that as long as I do have a life bread baking’s going to be a tradition in this household. Luckily, I always have flour and a package of yeast so I rolled up my sleeves and got down to business.

I made bread in the past but I was looking for something different this time. Well, being hungry and all I didn’ t feel like fussing too much…I wanted the least kneading possible and a thin, soft crust. And I found it.

Maybe it’s just me, but this bread smelled differently

You can find the recipe here, it’s very well explained. No need to recycle, really…


~ by kissmyartichoke on April 2, 2009.

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