St. Nicholas and some Snickers Brownies

 Saint Nicholas is some serious business. Ask any kid in Croatia. So serious that they’ll  even clean their boots. Voluntarily! No parent nagging. None.  They’ll  come home from school,  drop all of their stuff on the floor, take off their boots and dig in with so much passion and dedication – because they know that in the morning they’ll wake up to a candy supply that’ll  last them, well, at least until…..Christmas.


 It’ s been a while since I  shined my boots for sweets,  so,  for the kid in me ( and there’ s more than I care to admit ) I  decided to make these Snickers brownies. The recipe I used calls for caramel making which worked just perfectly with the caramel and the peanuts in the bar.


I omitted the cinnamon and the booze because the flavors  were already strong enough. I  doubled the ingredients because my pan is slightly bigger so,  should you do the same, make sure you bake the brownies for additional 5-7 minutes. I also added 3 Snickers bars, chopped.



~ by kissmyartichoke on December 7, 2008.

One Response to “St. Nicholas and some Snickers Brownies”

  1. For a moment, I thought you’d said ‘Knickers’ brownies…. oooops!

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