A brunch idea – Green Cuisine Frittata

I found this delicious recipe in Gourmet Nutrition, The Cookbook For The Fit Food Lover by John Berardi, a book recently given to me by my dear friend R. Although the idea of eating broccoli for breakfast might seem a bit too radical for some of you out there, I encourage you to give it a try. You won’ t be dissappointed.  The ham could easily be substituted with turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving. Pair that with a big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and you’ re all set!



Here’ s what you’ ll need:

  • 6 egg whites
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 1 cup of broccoli florets
  • 1/4 cup of pine nuts (or some other nuts of choice)
  • 1 tsp of minced garlic
  • 4 oz of ham (or leftover turkey meat)
  • 3 oz of feta cheese
  • salt, pepper.

Whisk egg whites, eggs, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl. Blanche the broccoli and set aside. Preheat a large non-stick frying pan and lightly coat with some grease ( I don’ t use either vegetable or olive oil in cooking. Mostly lard, ghee or coconut oil). Make sure your pan can also be used in ovens. Saute the garlic but don’ t let it burn. Add the broccoli and evenly pour the egg mixture over it. Cook for a couple of minutes. Spread the ham and the cheese on top of the frittata. Sprinkle with nuts. Turn oven on to broil. Place the pan in the oven and cook until the cheese melts and the eggs are done ( 2-4 min ). Serves 3-4.


~ by kissmyartichoke on November 28, 2008.

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